J# staat voor Japanse afleveringen. E# staat voor Engelse afleveringen

J# E# Romaji vertaling Engelse titel
1 1 The Crybaby: Usagi's beautiful


A Moon Star is born
2 - Punishment awaits: The house of fortune

is a monster mansion

3 2 The mysterious sleeping sickness:

Protect the girls in love!

Talk radio
4 3 Learn how to be skinny from Usagi Slim city
5 - Scent of a monster: Chanela will steal

your love

6 - Protect the melody of love: Usagi plays cupid -
7 4 Usagi learns her lessen: Becoming a star

is hard work

So you want to be a superstar
8 5 The Girl genius Is a monster: The Brainwashing

Cram school of horror

Computer school blues

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